Luxury Liner Insulation

Luxury Liner
Luxury Liner
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Product Description

Luxury Liner by Second Skin

1 Sheet = 9 Sq. Feet

Luxury Liner is a highly effective barrier and absorber composite mat consisting of a flexible vinyl barrier and acoustical grade open cell foam. Apply Luxury Liner on top of vibration dampers to reflect the sound waves that penetrate vibration dampers and noise filter it in to the cars cabin.

Luxury Liner is the final layer of material in a multi step approach.
First, products like Damplifier Pro and Spectrum absorb structure borne noise. Next, a layer of Overkill or Overkill Pro is applied to filter our very specific airborne frequencies.

Luxury Liner is designed to go on top of Dampers and absorbers to block the passage of the most difficult airborne sound waves. When used with other products Luxury Liner can help make any car quiet as a brand new luxury vehicle.


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