Junction Produce Nano-Polyurethane Face Mask Cover

Junction Produce Nano-Polyurethane Face Mask Cover
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Product Description

Junction Produce Nano-Polyurethane Foam Face Mask Cover

Help stop the spread of germs to others around you!

Many areas requiring a "face covering" when in public. This mask is a thin & stretchy comfortable foam material that breathes easy, with Anti-Dust, Wind-proof, Anti-Virus properties. 1 Black Face Mask with JP official logo print. Please note, we make no medical guarantees or warranties with this product. This is an alternative to using a bandana or paper mask. This mask however, is washable and re-usable. Just wash in warm soapy water, or in washing machine with clothes. Air-Dry after washing, no not dry in the machine dryer.

Material: Nano-polyurethane
Weight: 10g
Size: 6.3" wide x 5" tall (mask size)
One Size
Washable material / Reusable

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