High Temp Adhesive

HighTemp Spray Adhesive
HighTemp Spray Adhesive
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Product Description

High Temperature Spray Adhesive by Second Skin

Second Skin Spray adhesive has been specifically engineered for use with our own line of acoustic filters, and composites. High solids content makes our aerosol contact adhesive ideal for uneven, porous and contoured surfaces - horizontal, vertical or upside down. Waterproof and non-staining, it can take the extreme conditions of a vehicle`s interior. It is perfect for open and closed celled foams and sponges as well as wood, metal and most plastics. The professional web spray pattern gives you accurate and economical control.

Directions: Spray both surfaces to be bonded, allow the adhesive to become tacky at least one minute - then press into place. Thatís all it takes to create a permanent bond.

- head liners
- hood liners
- flooring / paneling

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