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Damplifier PRO
Damplifier PRO
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Damplifier PRO by Second Skin

Door Pack - 12 Sq Feet
Trunk Pack - 20 Sq Feet
Bulk Pack - 36 Sq Feet
Shop Pack - 80 Sq Feet

Damplifier Pro is a self adhesive, foil backed vibration damper. Simply cut, peel & stick Damplifier Pro on the interior sheet metal of any car to destroy unwanted vibrations & structure borne noise.

Designed for street rod builders & car audio competitors, Damplifier Pro is the best performing CLD vibration mat in its class. Here is why:

Foil - 62.5% thicker than our competitors! Damplifier Pro has a 6.5 mil thick foil, which is 62.5% thicker & stronger than the most popular selling vibration mat on the market. Thicker foil means better vibration control and better heat dissipation.

Butyl Rubber Adhesive - Highest quality Damplifier Pro has a butyl rubber adhesive that has less filler content that any competitor on the market. More rubber and less mineral filler means better vibration damping! This is the most elastomeric damper on the market!

Total Thickness - Thicker, Stronger & Heavier Damplifier Pro is 80 mils thick (80/1000 inch or 2 mm) That means it is 30% thicker than the most popluar vibration damper the industry has to offer. More, of a better adhesive means more results for less money!

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