Damplifier Lite Luxury Insulation

Damplifier Lite
Damplifier Lite
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Product Description

Damplifier Lite by Second Skin

Damplifier Lite™ is the lightest vibration mat we produce! With a total thickness of just over 1mm, this foil backed butyl damper absorbs vibrations and insures a cool and quiet ride by killing road, engine and exhaust drone while dissipating extreme temperatures.

Apply this self adhesive sound deadener on your cars sheet metal to insure a more comfortable ride. Just PEEL and STICK IT.

First, and perhaps most obvious, it will kill the vibrations, which will reduce panel distortion and strengthen the area around the speakers. Less vibrations means less unwanted noise and a more stable environment for the speakers to perform in.

Second, it will increase the volume of your music by keeping the acoustical energy in the car rather than letting it escape through the vibrating panels. Volume inside the car increases while nasty panel resonance outside the car is eliminated.

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