Damplifier Luxury Insulation

Damplifier Mat
Damplifier Mat
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Product Description

Damplifier Original by Second Skin

Now shipping all Damplifier with Black Foil!

We designed Damplifier to compete against the best and most popular vibration dampers the industry has to offer and have priced it far lower than the competition. Compare the weight and foil thickness to everything else, and you will see, Damplifier is the best value in its class!

Thick, Just Peel and Stick It . With a weight of .45 lbs. per square foot and a 4 mil thick foil heat shield & constraining layer, this self adhesive vibration damper helps insure a cool and quiet ride by focusing on sheet metal resonance, vibrations and structure borne noise & heat.

Thanks to the high temperature butyl adhesive, you will not have to worry about it falling off, peeling, or melting. Damplifier is perfect for every area of the car, including the high heat areas like the engine bay, hood, and head liner!

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